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Great Stories Begin With Fishing


My name is Eric Vossler and I'm the owner and founder of V-Line Custom Rods. I have always had a passion for fishing that over the years has turned into an obsession. My first experience with rod building started when my father had an old rod he really liked that had a broken guide. I had no clue what I was doing but felt obligated to help salvage the rod. After fixing this rod I began fixing every broken rod I owned, then friends rods and eventually started building full rods. Just like my love for fishing rod building also became a huge passion of mine. These days both fishing and building rods aren't just a hobby but a lifestyle that is taken very seriously. I not only wanted to make custom rods that look amazing but I have always focused on performance! After countless hours of building, testing and tweaking I developed a line of rod blanks specifically for hardcore anglers! This line isn't average, this line isn't for someone who wants a decent setup, this line is for those who want nothing but the best! 



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