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Custom made to pair with our High Class Hooker Blanks! In the not too distant past a niche of Deadstick came a long that had a moderate slow action and a medium to light power. It also boasted a Spring Bobber…. Over the last several years these types of rods have become very popular for Perch and Walleye as a more sensitive option to a tip-up with a better hook up rate. One of the most important parts of this deadstick setup is the spring bobber. It is what indicates to an angler that a fish is on the line from a distance. The indicator should be contrasting to the surroundings, big enough to see, but light enough that the fish doesn’t feel it as it swims away with the bait. As far as traditional spring bobbers go, these are not that much different. They indicate a bite. What sets these apart is that these are handmade and custom colored to match the rod that it is being attached to. The construction is a stainless wire guide which is oversized. This helps with ice build up and for rod storage, just run the bait back through the guide and the spring bobber won’t be stored under load. The spring is made of Nitinol, this is a Nickle Titanium alloy which is very kink resistant. There are several types of Nitinol that have different temperature tolerances. These bobbers are made with #9 Nitinol, which can withstand extreme cold without sagging. When constructed, the Guide, Nitinol body, and Indicator bead are assembled in a three-step process. First the guide and spring body are connected using a two-part epoxy, allowed to dry and sanded to a specific profile. Second, the guide is heated to a specific temperature and powder coated. Lastly, another layer of two-part epoxy is applied to the base of the guide and the indicator bead is attached. After these have dried for 24 hours, they are ready to be mounted on a rod. The level of color and pattern customization is near endless.


2 Sizes Available

Custom Made Strike Indicator

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